Hi guys!

I picked up the Too Faced Natural Matte from HSN a few weeks ago.  There was a promotion running for $20 off of $40 for new customers,  and since I had never purchased from HSN I figured why not!  I ended up picking up the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette that came with a free full sized Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black as well as a Tan Towel Plus Full Body Towellete.  $20 for $60 worth of product, I absolutely could not turn down this deal! 

I had been eyeing this Too Faced Matte Palette but I knew I didn’t absolutely NEED it.  I have had the original Too Faced Natural Eye Palette for a while and love it but I LOVE a good matte palette. 


All of these shadows are absolutely gorgeous!  They are pigmented but not overly pigmented where they are hard to work with. 


(ignore the fading self tanning haha it look worse than it is!) 

Strapless and Honey Butter are my favorite!!!! They are so pretty! As usual these shadows are soft and buttery.  They’re also long wearing and I never have a problem with them creasing. 



Here is a side by side comparison of the two palettes.  As you can see,  four of the shadows are the same but I don’t see it as being as huge deal.  The repeat shadows make great transition shades. 

While I don’t think you absolutely need both of them,  they are different enough for you to get use out of them both. I can’t wait to start mixing matte and shimmer shades for some of my looks!

Which palette do you all prefer? I love them both!