Hello beauties!

After much debate, I decided to get rid of my Starlooks Starbox. Four months in a row we received a variation of lip products and only lip products. I need something else. For $15 plus shipping, I don’t feel as though I am getting my moneys worth. It needed to go. BYE FELICIA.

I can’t completely dis Starbox since they do have very good quality products. I need some variation in product though! We received almost the same lipstick two months in a row. The only difference was the formula. I love a good lipstick but come on!

Anyway, as you probably guessed, this month month is full of lip products. Subscribers received a lip pencil in bare and a lipgloss which has no label indicating a specific color. Dare I say it but these are both very Kylie Jenner lip colors. However, I am loving the lip pencil! I covered my lips in the pencil and put the gloss over top. It lasted a fairly longtime and the gloss didnt feel overly sticky. Even before the Kylie Jenner trend, I always went for more mauvey, brown, nude, 1990’s lip shades. They suit my skin tone the most. This box also came with a makeup remover pen. I’m not sure if I’ll really get a good use out of this but we’ll see. This will probably be better suited for use on clients, so this will go  in with my freelance kit.

I did like this box and the products in it, however, its time to say goodbye. If you subscribe to Starbox, how are you like it?