Hi Ladies!! 

This morning I decided to go on a 60 Day Spending Ban!!  This is for various reasons.  The first being that I have picked up so many products the past 3 months and have yet to review any of them!!!  The second being that money is very tight. I’m working a temp to hire job for barely over minimum wage and at American Eagle,  which isn’t often since the are terrible at putting me on the schedule.  So I’m looking for a 3rd job as a server.  I served all through college and when I first moved to DC,  it’s a great way to earn extra money but it’s hard work.  My goal is to not have to tap into my savings to pay bills and be able to save a little money. 


If anyone wants to join me,  let me know!  We can keep each other on track!

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts about all the products I’ve picked up and my new vanity set up! 

Have a great day!