Hello all!!!! 

I know I’ve been gone for about 3 weeks but I’m finally back!  I don’t have a posting schedule but I have so much to share with all of you ladies.  I have a backlog of posts I need to get and products I need to review for you all. 

We are finally settled (kind of)  and I have a temp job,  as well as working at American Eagle on occasion.  I still need another job for the evenings and weekends but for now we are making it. I really haven’t been happy with any job I’ve taken..but that’s for another time. Some days I’ve been getting really depressed and regretted my decision to up and quit my career,  other days I’m glad I did.  Its been rough lately so I haven’t really felt like blogging and I apologize. 

Anyway,  on to the real reason your here!  My monthly starlooks Starbox!  In May Starlooks is switching to all sample size products and the price is going down so I’ll definitely be cancelling after April.  I like getting full size products and the couple extra bucks is worth it to me.  Oh well..  This month was another just ok month. 



This month subscribers received a matte lip paint in a gorgeous coral red shade,  a volume boost mascara in black,  and a clear lip gloss. 


The matte lip paint is gorgeous!!  It does take some time to dry but I had a hard time getting it off my hand.  It will be a gorgeous summer color!!

I have yet to open the mascara, I’ve got a backlog of them sitting around.

The clear lip gloss I have worn over my color pop Lippie-stix.  It gave my lips extra moisture with out feeling sticky. 

While I was hoping for something more out of this box,  I don’t hate it.  Subscribers have received lip products the last 3 months….  I’m ready for something different for sure.