I am the worst when it comes to checking the mail. Our mailbox isn’t right outside,  it’s at the end of the road and I never remember to check it!!  Anyway,  I finally remembered to check it coming back from my workout this morning (I’m currently snuggling with my heating pad to help with the soreness as I work both jobs for the next 4 days in a row). Inside was some goodies from my friend Jocelyn from The Vegan Hostess.  She had a giveaway and I won!! 

How cute was this giveaway?!


Also who doesn’t want hot sauce to go?!  This was wonderful to receive bc in my household we have at least 5 different kinds of hot sauce. My husband just got 6 more bottles of Wilbur’s Revenge delivered. Now we can take sriracha or any other sauce to go! 

She also included other goodies as well.  Savory tea, NuttZo To Go Seven Nut and Seed Butter,  and ELF Lip Exfoliater,  and a cute postcard! I can’t wait to try all of these!  I love any type of butter or peanut butter and I’ve been wanting to try this lip exfoliater for forever!! 

Be sure to check her out over at http://veganhostess.com/.  She posts delicious recipes =) 

Have a great day ladies!