I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award by two very lovely ladies, HAZ Style and thesleeplessbeauty. They are so sweet and have amazing blogs so be sure to check them out!


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7 Facts About Me:

!. I love baking and cooking ALMOST more then I love makeup.

2. I’ve been debating for about a year on going to Cosmetology school, you’re never too old right?…right??

3. I moved to West Virginia about 3 weeks ago, I’m originally from WV but I’m still almost 2 hours away from family.

4. I love Pittsburgh Penguins hockey.

5. I am over winter and all the snow we’ve had lately. Bring on spring!!

6. I check the weather approximately 8 times a day.

7.I have the hardest time coming up with random facts!

I Nominate The Following Bloggers:

I loves reading these blogs and I hope you check them all out.