Hello again!

I normally don’t do FOTD posts but I loved this look so much that I wanted to share! It was posted on my instagram earlier today and if you want to follow me look out for @almayerich

Here are the products that I used:


I don’t use my Vice 3 palette nearly enough.  Its so beautiful and pigmented so I wanted to experiment with some color today!

I used DTF,  Bondage,  and Angel for my look today from the Vice 3.  I also used skimp from the Naked Basics 2 to highlight my brow.  I used my lorac cream compact to contour since it’s a darker shade that matched my tan last summer.  It turned out really nice.  This was only my second time putting flash lashes on and I didn’t do overly terrible.  Practice still needs to be had so it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to get them to look just OK…  Seriously,  I don’t know of how you ladies do it! Even with the lash tool,  I struggle.


Here is a close up of just my eyes.  The eyelashes really messed up the eyeliner…  Again I’m terrible at false lashes… 


Overall I’m really happy with this look.  I’ll be posting more FOTD’s as I start playing  with color and getting away from my comfortable neutral color zone.

If anyone has any questions about any of the products let me know.  Also if anyone has any tips for working with false eyelashes..  PLEASE SHARE!!!!