Good afternoon ladies!

I’m officially moved to WV and attempting to unpack and search for jobs.  Its slowly coming along.  Our furniture is in place and we are awaiting our new furniture to be delivered.  We moved into a bigger place and don’t have nearly enough furniture to fill the place. 

Anyway,  I took a break from unpacking to bring you ladies COLOUR POP COSMETICS!!  I first saw colour pop Lippie-stix from watching various YouTubers rave about them.  I finally caved and pick up 8 of their products.  They are very very affordable.  The Lippie-stix, pencils,  and Super shock shadows are all only $5. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 but is free after you order $30 worth of product.  Also if you sign up for their news letter you get a $5 off coupon. Also,  colour pops products are cruelty free and don’t test on animals.

So I ordered 8 products for $35 and free shipping.  That’s not bad at all in my opinion!! 


How cute is the handwritten note?!  It’s such a cute touch. 


These Lippie-stix are absolutely amazing!!!  They are so creamy and pigmented it’s unbelievable!!!! 


Look at these beautiful colors!  I just want to keep reapplying them to my lips.  They feel nice on and I dont find them to be drying at all. 


Take a close look at these beauties right here!!! These shadows are to die for!!  The top row is Bill and Partridge.  Bill is a gorgeous matte muted plum beige  .  Partridge is a gorgeous brown undertone with a green duo chrome pearlized finish! The bottom row is La La and Pop Rocks.  La La is a true rose gold with an ulta metallic finish.  Pop Rocks is a corn field blue with a shit load of multicolor glitter in a metallic finish. 


Look at this pigment!!  It’s out of this freaking world.  The texture of these shadows are creamy.  They feel creamy,  but whipped and fluffy, yet feel like a powder in the eye.  The texture is very unique and they recommend using your finger and buffing with a brush.  These shadows are just amazing. I wore Bill on my lids with Partridge in the crease and it lasted all freaking day yesterday.  Today I am wearing just bill and its still stickin. No creasing or getting yucky.  Just wonderful eyeshadow still in place.  I could barely scrub it off my hands with soap and water. Makeup Remover works best!

Colour Pop is releasing a blush line in 3 days!  These blushes will be bigger than the shadows and sell for $8. I am planning another order and really want to get a blush!!  I can’t get enough of this line!  I suggest checking them out  they are a great inexpensive brand with a large selection and you definitely get your money worth of product!!  I’m so in love with  these products!!

Have a great day ladies!!