Good Morning Ladies!

This morning I wanted to bring you my two recent Ulta hauls. One was made about a month ago and the other was about 2 weeks ago. I know they were basically back to back hauls but in my defense I won’t have an Ulta so easily accessible when we move in 8 days. Instead of a 10-15 minute drive, it will take me about an hour! No more quick trips after work. I will actually have to save money and buy everything I need in one full swoop. I also won’t have the funds readily available since I don’t have anything for work lined up yet. I plan on getting a waitressing job or something once we move but I won’t be bringing in the money I am now. I had to stock up on necessities while I could!


Haul # 1:


Contents: 3 Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes, 2 Ulta Matte Primer, NYX Eyebrow Marker, Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves, UD DeSlick Setting Spray, Cotton Swabs, Nail Art, NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart, and NYX Butter Lipstick in Fizzies.

I know you are all wondering why on earthy did I buy multiples of products??!?

I am in LOVE with the Yes To line. I use their face wipes twice a day sometimes. They always leave my face feeling refreshed and I can’t get enough of them! I have found them at target but only in travel packs. Walmart says they carry them in store but I have yet to find them actually in the store. Of course I had to stock up!

The Ulta Matte Prime was a random buy. I needed to pick up a couple of primers but didn’t want to shell out the money for my holy grail Laura Geller Spackle Primer. If you haven’t tried spackle I highly recommend it! It runs for $30 but if you can splurge, do it!

The Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray is a must have for me. I also have a bottle of the NYX setting spray and while it works just ok, UD is my number one love in this area.

I am not impressed with the NYX brow marker at all! I only picked this up since my Ulta dint have the NYX Eyebrow Gel in stock. It makes a better liquid liner than a brow maker, so I’m keeping it just for that purpose.

NYX Butter Lipsticks.. what can I say that no one else hasn’t already said! They are a MUST have! Look at this amazingly creamy pigment! I really can’t get enough!


I have yet to try the Rimmel Rockin Curves but I have heard great things. I wanted to pick up a spare mascara since I know my Better than Sex and Perversion mascara’s wont be in the budget until I get some money saved up after the move.

The Ulta Nail art was on sale and I actually really love this little set. I’ve used it once already and Ive had wonderful results with it.

Haul # 2:

This second haul happened because my family was nice enough to gift me gift cards for Christmas. I also had 17 dollars in Ulta points saved up and had a 20% off coupon that was good the the entire order including prestige cosmetics. So I didnt pay a dime for anything here. I’m not trying to brag at all. I am very lucky to have received those gifts for Christmas.


Contents: Yes to Blueberries Facial Wipes, Yes To Grapefruit Facial Wipes, Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel size 24/7,  travel size Benefit Porefessional, Anastasia Dipbrow in Soft Brown, pack of 4 Tan Towels, MYX Illuminator in Magnetic, NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium, Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Berry, Ulta Angled Eyeliner Brush, Ulta Angled Contour Brush, Zoya Nail Polish in Harlow, and Dermelect Me polish in Provocative. NOT PICTURED: White fluffy bath robe.

I know you all think I’m insane but I HAD to pick up 2 more packs of facial wipes! I cannot stress how much I love these wipes!

I love the UD 24/7 Liners. They apply wonderfully! They are buttery soft and stay in place for most of they day. When I use a setting spray, they last all day! I picked up this set because I wanted to experiment with the smoke shade and the navy shade.

Travel size Porefessional is great to throw in my bag when I’m on the go. Its a great primer that can be worn under or on top of makeup. I don’t use it often enough to pick up the full size bottle for $30 and the travel size lasts for a decently long time.

Oh Anastasia Dip Brow…. How I have a love hate relationship with you. Sometimes I apply you like a dream and others I just can’t get a steady hand. I really need to practice with my brows. I love this product but I suck at using it. I find that applying it to the back of my hand before applying it helps with application but I need to keep practicing.  I had to pick up a back-up even though my current pot is not even half gone (Ive had it since October!!!! AMAZING)

I love to be tan. While the tanning bed is very relaxing and I do enjoy it, fake tanning is just better for your skin. These little towels give your skin such a wonderful glow. The tan goes on evenly and I have no issues with them.

The NYX Illuminator was an impulse buy! NYX products were buy one get one 50% off and I already had my eye on the bronzer. Originally I wanted to get the contour stick but my store didn’t carry it. Then I saw the illuminator in Magnetic and nothing else mattered! Its a gorgeous color! I can’t stress that enough! It goes perfectly with the Medium Mattet Bronzer as well!



Too Faced Melted Lipstick where have you been all my life!!!! Everyone has been RAVING about these and I had no idea what I was missing out on. I picked up Melted Berry and OH MY GOODNESS! The pigmentation is enough to make you fall in love. I need every color in my life. They are all so amazing.

Here are swatches (from top to bottom): NYX Illuminator, NYX Bronzer, and Too Faced Melted Lipstick. How GORGEOUS are all of these! ?!?!


The Ulta brushes were on sale and were definitely an impulse buy. I had never tried out their brushes but they aren’t too bad. The contour brush is ok, its soft but rather flimsy. I like the angled eyeliner brush more so than the contour. I can never have enough angled eyeliner brushes. I use them for both eyeliner and my brows, so an extra can never hurt! Its a decent brush for the 4 dollars I paid for them but I don’t think I would have paid the original 12 bucks for them. I’d rather get a Real Techniques brush for that or order more of my beloved Crown Brushes.

Zoya Nail Polish in Harlow I want to love you! I really do. You are a beautiful matte shimmer purple but you chip so easily. I had several coats of this polish on with a top coat and it chipped in less than 2 days! Now I was packing some boxes but I wasn’t being extra rough with my hands. I have other polishes that have lasted me over a week of being rough and stayed pretty. Just ugh. UGH. You’re so pretty…. I CAN’T HATE YOU.  At least you were on sale!

The Dermelect Me Lacquer in Provactive I have yet to try! I haven’t seen any reviews on this brand but it was on sale so I grabbed it. I ended up only paying 97 cents for it after it was said and done. It’s a gorgeous pink color and I can’t wait for spring so I can bust it out!

The white robe I picked up that isn’t pictured was in the clearance section for 5 bucks!! It was marked down from $60. I believe its the robe they gave away with fragrance purchases towards the end of last year.Its a soft fluffy robe and seems really nice. It will make a nice backup to my giant pink nap robe my husband got me. I love lounging in robes on cold lazy days.

Call me crazy but I still have the urge to run and get more face wipes!!! I know I am acting irrationally. It’s not like I will never be able to buy them again, right?!?! Ugh.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any large hauls coming soon.I have one online purchase I want to make  that I have saved the money for but it’s an inexpensive one. It will be my first shipment to my new address and will also feature a brand new line of cosmetics I have never tired before but EVERYONE is raving about them. I can’t wait to share those goodies with you in the coming month!

Also, please bare with me over the coming weeks! We move somethings to WV this weekend and make the final move next weekend! I will still be reading everyone’s posts but might be lacking on getting my own posted!

Sorry this was so long! Have a great day beauties!