Hello again!  I know you’re probably thinking “Two posts in 1 day!  That’s crazy!”, but I’m taking full advantage of this snow day! 

My Starbox arrived yesterday and its another great box.  This is only my 3rd Starbox but it has yet to disappoint! I’m not sure why this box isn’t as popular as it should be.  It has really great products!


First up is the Starlooks lipstick in Marsala.  Marsala is the Pantone  color of the year for 2015. Its a gorgeous wine colored,  earthy red that is perfect for all skin tones.  It has a very creamy texture and applies nicely! This retails for $14.

Next up is the Kohl eye liner in Chestnut.  This eyeliner applied like a dream!  It went on so smooth and felt creamy!  I was shocked at how nice it was! This retails for $16.


Next up is the Starlooks 701 Lip Brush. I have yet to use this but it’s a very nice brush and seems up to par with my other brushes.  I would t have any complaints about this one! This retails for $22

Lastly is an added bonus.  Starlooks teamed up with Malibu SoapWorks to bring subscribers their all natural young coconut brush wash.  I normally use dawn dish soap to gently clean my brushes every other week but I’m excited to try this! Retails for $10.


You can find all of these products,  including the brush wash on the Starlooks website! The Starbox is $15 a month plus shipping.  I’m not sure if it ships outside the US or not but it’s completely worth looking into. 

Have a great evening beauties!