Good Morning Lovelies!

I want to share some amazing beauty finds with you! Anyone who knows me, knows I love the dollar tree! Its great place to find items such as gift bags, birthday cards, food containers, cheap party decor, etc. Various times I had checked out the beauty section but nothing ever caught my eye, that is, until recently. About a month ago I was perusing the store for some gift bags, cotton balls, and nail polish remover when I spotted Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow’s hidden in a bin near the bottom on the shelving. These normally run about $6.99 at Ulta, Walmart, or any drug store unless they go on sale. I had never tried these before but I have read various blogs on how these puppies are dupes for Mac Paint Pots which are $18 a pop. I figured why not? They’re only a $1! I picked up one in every color they had!



I picked up Tough as Taupe (Matte), Matte Brown (Matte), Just Beige (Matte), Waves of White (Shimmer), Nude Pink (Matte), and Blue Paradise (Shimmer). The pigmentation and colors are absolutely gorgeous! They also work wonders as an eyeshadow base, my shadow does not budge when I apply the color tattoo first! It works better than my eye primer. The waves of white is great for an inner corner and the blue will add a wonderful light blue sheen.

I am so impressed with these! I would highly recommend them! I’m actually wearing Just Beige and Tough as Taupe today on my eyes with no other shadows. I know I don’t have to worry about them creasing at all!

The next items I found, I’m not as excited about but I am pleased with them!Ā  I found them in a bin right next to the Tattoo Eye Shadows. I have heard wonderful things about this line, so I had to get them. I found the Milani Runway Eyes Eyeshadow. I only picked up 2 since I haven’t heard much about these shadows. These run around $6.50 at drugstores. I have been dying to try out their blushes because they look gorgeous!



I picked up the shadows in the shades Lily White and Beach Sand. I’m actually really impressed with the pigmentation. However, I am less impressed with the texture of these. They are rather chalky for my liking but they will still make great highlighting shades to bring some light to my eyes. I can’t complain too much, they were only a dollar. I still want to try other products from this line.

I’ll definitely be checking out the Dollar Tree beauty section again. Now that we’ll be moving and I will have less income coming in, I’ll have to be looking for more budget friendly items. I suggest checking out the Dollar Tree even if you aren’t on a tight budget, Its a great place to try items at a fraction of the price.Ā  I spent a grand total of $8 on these products that would have other wise cost me around $55 regular price.

If anyone has any favorite stores they have had some great finds at, let me know! I’m always looking for new places to shop and new products.