Since receiving November’s box and finding out subscribers were getting a 15 pan eyeshadow palette worth $99, I have been impatiently waiting for it to arrive.  I think I checked the tracking everyday after it shipped.  I know,  I know checking it everyday doesn’t make it ship any faster.

I cannot describe the excitement when it arrived.  This palette is absolutely gorgeous.


The palette I received is called mermaid.  With a mix of shimmery and matte shadows,  this palette is stunning.  They are so soft and silky!  They also blend wonderfully.  I used this palette with my Lorac travel pallette for a Christmas eve look and it came out beautiful.  I’d be happy to do a tutorial if anyone was interested.

This palette is very pigmented.  The color payoff is just great.  I switched them on my arm so you can get a good idea of the colors.  I’m currently still tan from St. Lucia,  so the lighter colors look as if they don’t come up well but believe me they do!  They are just glorious.


I will definitely be checking out other Starlooks eyeshadows.  If you are looking for a good quality subscription box,  definitely check out Starlooks Starbox.  Its definitely worth the 15 bucks.

I’m always on the lookout for new products and subscriptions,  so if there is one you love please let me know!

Bye ladies!  ❤