A little over a week ago, I decided to try out BH costmetics for the first time. I am always getting offers from them in my email as well reading posts from others raving about some of their products. So I gave in and ordered a few items.

The highest item on my list was the 28 color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. It looked so gorgeous on their website and its even prettier in person! With that said, this palette let me down big time. When I swatched them on my hand, you could barely see any color. Total bummer. It wasn’t nearly as pigmented as I had thought it would be. Some shades have a ton of pigment while most have very little. This palette also has a ton of fall out. You definitely need an to wear an eye primer and pack on the shadow to really get color payoff. Once you get the shadows to show up, they are very very pretty. You just have to want to work a little harder for this to be a good palette. The colors are very pretty and blend well but a few of the shadows are chalky. It’s a decent palette for very nuetral daytime looks. Its also good for beginners to get some practice with. I’ll definitely be hesitant to buy another palette from BH Cosmetics though.


I did pick up some other goods as well.  They had a deal going on to spend $25 and get a free 12 piece brush set. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with this set. It’s completely adorable! The bigger brushes actually came with brush protectors, they are very soft, and my makeup goes on nicely with these. I am very very impressed with these! The handles are a tad larger than my other brushes but that’s not a big deal, its just something I noticed. I also really like the case. Its going to make traveling with makeup brushes so much easier. I dont have to try to cram them all in a makeup bag. So complete win on this freebie!


Some other things I decided to try out where liquid eyeliner, brow pencil, 2 nail files, fake eyelashes, and eyelash applicator. The only product I have tired to far from this list is the liquid eyeliner. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked after I actually got it working. I tried shaking the liquid down to the applicator and then I let it sit upside down for a few minutes.  After that, It worked perfectly. It also has staying power which I really like. It didn’t smear or run at all! Which is exactly what I like in a liner. Aside from storing it upside down, its really nice. It may be a repurchase in the future.

I have the WORST time trying apply fake lashes, so when I saw they had a handy tool to assist in application, I figured I would give it a try.  Next time I have a chance to wear them, I will let you guys know how well it works.


Does anyone have any suggestions on products to try? What about a better shadow palette?