A few weeks ago I headed to Ulta for some new lipstick. I had been wanting to try something new for a while but was undecided on exactly what I was looking for. I tend to be quite picky about my lipstick colors…. nothing too dark and nothing too bright. I just can’t handle it. I tend to stick to nudes or mauvey tones, which seem to match my skin tone best.

I ended up deciding on Lipstick Queen Sinner Bright Natural. The Sinners line is a full coverage matte lipstick. I have always stuck with more opaque lipsticks but I am in love with the colors Lipstick Queen has. The lipsticks don’t dry out my lips and lasted for hours. I wore the bright natural on my wedding day and it lasted for hours even when drinking and eating. Bright Natural has been my go to lipstick since I got it a few weeks ago. The colors rose and pinky nude have gone on my want list! Its seriously amazing lipstick! I picked mine up for $22.



Of course while I was at Ulta I had to pick up a few other goodies. The Redkin extreme shampoo was on sale and I am so glad I picked it up! My hair is loving this shampoo! I couldn’t pass on the Rockaholic dry shampoo! I mean it was on sale for 7.99 and ITS HOT PINK! It was calling my name. It works pretty well but I still love my go to Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. I needed a fragrance atomizer since the nozzle on my Victoria’s Secret Tease Broke but it also made it super convenient for traveling this past week. Lastly, I donated $5 and received this really pretty jeweled mirror.