Good Morning all,

As many of you have probably read, I was away from the blogging world for a few weeks due to my recent wedding! Adam and I were married on Friday October 24th! I am now back at work and back to blogging.

Everyone has asked how it feels to be married, well it feels the same as it did before. We’ve been living together for 3 years so nothing has changed other than my last name. Which I am not formally changing until after the honeymoon we are taking in December. St. Lucia here we come!!

Everything went really, really well!! My dress fit perfectly, the ceremony went well, the reception room looked AMAZING, and I loved my hair and makeup!!

I want to share a few pictures from the big day!






We kept the centerpieces very simple with just floating candles. We wanted the uplighting to take over the room. Once the dancing started, the lighting changed colors and went with the beat of the music. It was really amazing.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ❤