Lately I have really been watching what I’m eating and TRYING to eat as clean as possible. I’ve been drinking my Shakeology every morning at work and working out most evenings. Since I have started the Beach Body Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge 3 weeks ago I have lost 5.8lbs and I have seen a dramatic difference in my legs. My cellulite is still noticeable but its not as bad as it was. I lost an inch in my hips and an inch in my waist.

My upper body was never my issue. I gain most of my weight in my  butt, thighs and a little in the lower stomach. I was always active up until the past year when my job required me to run around less and sit at my computer more. When summer came around and I couldn’t fit into any of my shorts and the rare occasion I would try to put jeans on just didn’t work…. I just had to do something. With the wedding coming up, I was also terrified my wedding dress wouldnt fit that I had tried on and ordered months and months ago. I went into a panic and told my fiance to yell at me if I was making bad choices. That he needed to help me and do it with me.

Now I am so glad I got started with beach body… My dress fit and even has to be take in around the waste and chest (the chest was no surprise… I knew that was coming). It fit like a glove around my hips.(its a very very form fitting dress!) I would love to lose another half inch but it fits really well right now. My mom and the woman helping me with my dress, told my butt looked great in the dress! So thats a plus! Although I feel terrible for the seamstress, I think I picked the hardest dress ever to have taken in. 6 and half weeks away and I’m feeling really great! I definitely don’t think I could have done it without Shakeology and working out.