I finally made time to dye my hair yesterday morning. I always do my own hair. The one time I went to the salon for a dye job, I was out 160 bucks and looked like a zebra. That was confirmation to keep doing my own hair. I even did my own corrective color after the bad dye job. Now I have no formal training but I’ve been dying my hair for the last 12 year or so. I’ve graduated from box dye to mixing my own color. I use Wella products that I purchase from Sally Beauty.


Since my fiancé wanted to have a date night when he finished work, I spent the afternoon pampering myself and really making myself up. I don’t do that often since I generally stick to neutrals and a minimal look.

I decided to play with some false eyelashes. I have a ton of them but had never tried to put any on. I never had a reason to wear them. Plus my eye lashes are pretty long. Let me tell you, it is no easy feat putting those things on!! Then I felt like I had to really put on the eyeliner so it seamed like I didn’t have falsies on. I don’t think I did TERRIBLE but I definitely need some improvement. If I can somehow master them before the wedding, maybe I’ll wear them. They definitely won’t be in my regular makeup routine! I do however like the end look I achieved.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the final look with new hair and my first time with false eyelashes:

My fiancé didn’t notice I had on false eyelashes but he did notice I wore way more makeup than normal.

Today, will be filled with laundry and cleaning. Horray!