Anyone who knows me can you tell you I love to be tan! I started experimenting with self tanner back in college when I couldn’t get to a tanning bed. Lets also not forget how harmful overexposure to sun lamps and UV rays can be! I have tried ALMOST every sunless tanner there is. I have been streaky and orange, had discolored palms, and have had patches of skin that just didn’t tan or got missed in the application process. It has been something I have been working on perfecting for many, many years! The biggest mistake I made was trying to go to dark with self tanner. I would look unnaturally tan and orange. When choosing a self tanner you want it to be as natural looking as possible. If you are naturally very pale, I recommend staying away from the “dark” shades. The worst tanner I have ever use was St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse. It was so streaky! I thought I had applied it perfectly but I was no match for this tanner.  What color I did have didn’t last but that was a good thing due to the streaks. It was an awful, awful mess!

Norvell is probably the most natural looking self tanner I have found. It is on the lighter side but you can put it on two days in a row to really get a great color. I have never had this one streak and it doesn’t smell too bad.  I picked it up on sale at Ulta for $5.


My all time favorite self tanner is Sun Laboratories Over Night Self Tanning Lotion in Medium. This tanner gives you are darker color without being orange but its definitely not as natural looking as Norvell. This one can be a pain to apply for first timers. You must wear gloves or your hands will be stained for what seems like indefinitely! Don’t let the dark brown color of the lotion scare you. The color dries pretty fast but I suggest wearing darker colors until after your shower the following day. The tanner is around $16 at various online retailers.



My favorite fall/ winter time tanner is definitely L’Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer. It gives you a great lightly tan color. I absolutely love it! Its a wonderful lotion and gives you just the right amount of glow in the winter months. Since its a gradual tan moisturizer, there is no mess or streaking to worry about. Its only around $8 at Walmart or Target!loreal

If anyone has any suggestions on self tanners to try, let me know! I’m always looking for great ones to use! For now I’ll be soaking up the sun when I can on the weekends and I won’t be forgetting my SPF.